About Paladin Managed Care Services

Paladin Managed Care Services is setting the industry standard for services that reduce claims costs while improving patient care. Our unique approach combines physician-guided care with technology-driven efficiency to achieve better results for our clients, including insurance carriers, self-insured employers, insurance pools, municipalities, and group health organizations. In fact, we are the only managed care service provider that involves physicians in every service — from case management and bill review to prescription approval and telephone support.

As an industry leader, Paladin is transforming managed care services and delivering extraordinary results through:

Physician-Guided Services: Physicians are involved in all our services — Medical Bill Review, Case Management, Rx Utilization Management, Physician Guide and Utilization Review.

Managed Care Experience: Paladin executives have been involved in managed care most of their careers, giving them first-hand knowledge of how to improve results without increasing costs. As a result, we have built highly efficient service delivery workflows that:

  • Incorporate physician oversight
  • Keep costs down, while raising the bar on client service and results
  • Encourage health care providers to collaborate with managed care professionals

Performance Evaluation: We hire experienced nurse and doctor case managers, then hold them to a standard of performance that generates the best possible results for our clients. In selecting physician case managers, we align physician specialities to the dominant injury profile for each state or region, and evaluate their work using proven case management principles.

Flexible Services : From utilization to case management, our services are designed to adapt to the requirements and preferences of each client. At the same time, we incorporate our companies of over 15 years of proven best practices to meet our overriding goal of reducing claims cost while improving patient care.

Financial Stability: As a wholly owned subsidiary of Enstar Group, US, Paladin is backed by a company known for its insurance focus and financial prudence. In addition, the complementary insurance-related specialities of Enstar Groups' subsidiaries help us stay ahead of market trends to better serve our clients.



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Insurance carrier saves 95% after Paladin's medical bill review.


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