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Welcome to the New Paladin Managed Care Services

Jeffrey D. Miller By Jeffrey D. Miller

We've made some changes here at Paladin. We launched a new website and have what our marketing folks say is a new "look and feel" for our company. But it's not just marketing hype — it's the culmination of many years of learnings that have enabled us to change, beyond the status quo, how managed care services are delivered to our clients.

Through our new approach that combines physician-guided care with technology-driven efficiency, we are delivering better results for our clients: reducing medical costs by 6-8% over current approaches and returning injured workers back to work 11% faster to name a few.

Our team has been in this business long enough to know that the status quo is just that; so we built something different, something transformative — welcome to the new Paladin Managed Care Services. We hope you like what you see.


The Doctor Is In: How Physician-Guided Managed Care Services Benefit the Patient, the Insured, and the Insurer

The Doctor Is In Like most managed care service providers, Paladin helps insurers lower their claims costs through services that avert inappropriate medical procedures and unnecessary expense. These services include managing the medical portion of claims, reviewing patient treatment plans, and analyzing incoming bills, among others.

Although Paladin offers a standard range of managed care services, there is nothing standard about the way the company delivers them—or the results they deliver to their clients. Their unique approach uses physicians in each service where their medical knowledge can do the most good — for both the patient in terms of quality care and the client in terms of claims savings.

From long experience in the health care industry, Paladin executives have learned that the medical expertise and peer-to-peer credibility of doctors can lower claims costs while improving patient care. As it happens, continual evaluation and measurement have proved this. Paladin services results range from 8 percent additional savings in medical costs to a 3400 percent return on a client's investment (ROI) in Paladin's bill review service.

Learn how Paladin's approach is transforming managed care for its insurance clients.
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RIMS Report: Services that are Improving Functionality

We are proud to be featured as one of four companies highlighted by National Underwriter editor Mark Ruguet as providing new services to improve functionality for clients. Read the Article »

New Services Continue to Reduce Claims Costs While Improving Patient Care by Using In-House Doctors

New Services Continue to Reduce Claims Costs While Improving Patient Care by Using In-House Doctors With Paladin's new service, Physician Case Management, our in-house doctors work with our clients' claims examiners to manage the medical aspects of any case that could involve six weeks or more of lost work time. By overseeing the patient's medical treatment and approving drug requests from the beginning of a claim through the provision of the service, we produce a better outcome for the patient, without incurring undue costs for our clients. Read the Press Release »

In every case, Paladin's physicians pre-approve the use of prescription drugs through our Rx Utilization Management service. Unlike the standard industry practice, we use physicians to review prescriptions — before they're filled — including Class II and III drugs, special requests, and prescriptions that have been flagged by our proprietary triggers. This helps lower our clients' overall medical costs, while returning patients to health more quickly.

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